Saturday, May 2, 2009

Almost there!

Well, we are scheduled to have our last "school day" May 18th. This is a stretch for us, we usually finish up in April. The reason we are finishing so late this year? We didn't really do any school last summer and we started later than usual. That won't be a problem this summer though...I am purchasing the Apologia Science book on water animals to go through the summer. It was highly recommended and we were told to go through the book when we had access to water. We are very excited to start. We will also be finishing up the states over the summer so we can start The Story of the World vol. 1 in the fall.
The homeschool conference is also coming up soon for our state which is very exciting. I get to go through the book fair and find all kinds of great goodies for the coming school year! Not to mention the great speakers that will be there. This year I will only be purchasing the cd's instead of going to hear each individual seminar. (Big time saver- then I get more time to peruse the book fair!)
I will post all of my new purcahses soon!!

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