Thursday, September 17, 2009


So we have been in the house right at a month now. I pretty much have everything unpacked (except the pictures to hang on the wall. I am very nervous about that for some reason.) I think there are two boxes with paperwork in them from the house and the business that need to be put away, but I don't have the desire to tackle them for some reason...I will be posting pictures on here and facebook one day next week.
School is going great so far too. We finish up our 3rd week tomorrow. We nearly have our first month done! Amazing. Our new curriculum is so amazing. The kids are learning so much. I am really enjoying Mystery of History and Apologia Science Botany. Actually our spelling wisdom, language books, and Artistic Pursuits are amazing too. I am so pleased that God knew exactly what we needed. He is so amazing~ I was worried about what to use with the kids having the age gap they do, but He knows better than I do. He led me to Simply Charlotte Mason and as excited as I was there was also alot of fear. While I'm very sure that I'm not implementing everything exactly the way CM did, I know that what we are doing is working. I am still pretty new and uneducated as far as that is concerned, but I'm really trying, especially in the living book area. We are really enjoying ourselves and having a blast. Once I get some pics erased from my camera(memory card is full), I will be taking some pictures of the kids with all of the great stuff we have already done. Here they are on the first day getting to paint pictures of our house. Of course, after the house we had to paint "Just one more!". I love the freedom in homeschooling!

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