Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The chickies are gone!

I haven't had much time to post, but yes, we brought the chickens back right before Easter. My house smelled like the fair, so it was time. Here are a few pictures of them from the day we brought them back to 4H. They were so cute.We did have an unfortunate event occur during our time with the little cheepers though. During the hatching process, we assumed Bob would hatch first. He was the first to start wiggling, the first to start cheeping, and the first to bust a hole in his shell. (There is probably a more scientific term to state the latter, but I don't know it!) Bob was the 6th chick to hatch. It took him from early in the morning until almost 8 pm that night. It seemed like he was having a harder time to get around in the incubator than the other 5 did. I removed him and dried him with a washcloth. When I added him into the brooder with the others he could get around by hobbling. As time went on he became less and less mobile until he couldn't move at all. Then he died. It was very upsetting to my 4 little ones. Especially the older 3. Nate said bye to Bob, then proceeded to talk about how much he wanted to play baseball. Not too upset I suppose. The night before he died the kids went to church sad about the whole thing and everyone in Amber's class tried to cheer her up by making some stuff for Bob.
(Since it was right before Easter, some of them turned their crafts into a gift for her). My favorite is the one that says "I'm so sorry for your deth I hop you rest in peca to:Bob-KK" How cute is that? Well, we made it through our first chicken funeral and burial. Yep. I buried a chick in my back yard. I love my kids.

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