Monday, June 14, 2010

School's Out...or is it??

Well, officially, yes school is out for the summer! Yay! I'm so very excited to have some nice relaxing days here at home! This morning we woke up and had absolutely nothing to do! We went for a walk around the block (by the time we got home it was in the 90's) and when we got home I hooked up the slip and slide! Then I cut up some fruit for lunch and we ate out on the picnic table. Nate laid down for a nap and we rode bikes... a nice leisurely day at home.

I will be getting out our new math for the summer this week, but I thought we should enjoy the day today. We had a very busy weekend. The girls were junior bridesmaids in a wedding on Saturday (which includes rehearsal, rehearsal dinners, pictures before the wedding, after the wedding, the reception...) I thought we should have a nice day of rest today.Here they are in their dresses!

Our summer math is from SCM website and is great. Sonya Shafer. It's called the Your Busine$$ Math Series. We purchased the Pet Store. Also available are the Book Store and the Sports Store. The girls are very excited to jump on this since they are always pretending to have their own pet shop in their room!
When you start you are "given" $10,000 to start and run your business for a year. You learn how to manage your money, pay bills, and handle surprises. I can't wait to see how they do.
We will also continue meeting with the Poetry in the Park group like usual and the 3 older kids are signed up for tennis. I am looking forward to a nice quiet summer!

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