Thursday, December 23, 2010


I am so not wanting to go upstairs and make pumpkin pies. If I hadn't been to Walmart 438 times this week I would probably go buy some. Why not? Because I am soooo sick of Walmart, I will drag myself up those 6 little stairs and make some pies for my wonderful family for Christmas.
My kids almost cried on Monday when we went to Walmart 3 times in one day. That may be a therapy moment for them later in life...
Then Tuesday when I forgot chocolate chunks.
Or Yesterday when I had to wait 45 mins for a prescription so of course I picked up everything I forgot (or so I thought).
Or today when I RAN OUT of chocolate chunks only 1/4 of the way into making bon-bons.
And everyone is there. I know that because I had to park SO FAR AWAY! Really. I mean you shouldn't have to cross a street to go get chocolate. And goodie bags. And chestnuts. And shrimp. Yes. I forgot ALL of these things. 6 times. I NEVER want to go to Walmart again. Tim's on vacation next week. I will just send him. Afterall, I made him 5 lbs of Bon bons with raisins. I made 7 lbs of them without for the rest of us and our friends. Yes 12 lbs of bon-bons. Pray for our cholesterol.
I hope all of you have a super amazing Christmas.

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