Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So we never did the whole Santa thing. It started with Amber. She was born in December. Since she was only an infant at Christmas, we never gave Santa much thought. Then She was only a little over 1 her next Christmas. The next year Claire was here and we never really decided if we wanted to do the whole Santa thing. When Claire was 1 and Amber was 3 we spent the Christmas in NH with our families, so we figured with all the hub-bub going on, nobody was missing out on anything. Ok. By the next year we knew we were too late. Plus Noah was born. We just decided to focus on Jesus, no Santa. It wasn't hard, we homeschool. And we threatened the kids to never speak of Santa with anyone. That would avoid the whole "My mom said..."

Of course what would life be like if my dearly loved, wonderful husband didn't wake up one morning completely fascinated with the idea of getting Nathanael all excited about Santa. YES HE DID. Now Claire believes in Santa. Noah is confused beyond anything and keeps telling me he thought Santa died...I don't know where that came from, we never said anything about him dying.
Amber is worried that Claire will tell her friends that I made her write a letter to Santa to make the others "believe". I mean really. Were our kids not content with just getting presents? Now I have to make up a bunch of malarky to tell them about chimney's, reindeer, cookies, letters. I can't see this blowing up in my face at a date to later be determined. "You lied to me mom" . I know that we are NOT doing Easter bunny, tooth fairy, or whatever odd little creature is yearning to enter my house without permission while we are all sleeping. You can count on it.
But my kids are super excited about Santa. Minus the old girl. She did tell Santa a few things she neglected to tell us. Which would have been awesome BEFORE I did ALL of her shopping already. I knew she didn't just want clothes. I hope Santa can get one of those weird skateboard things with only 2 wheels cranked out of his workshop fast.

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