Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a little something

Hi! Thought I'd write a few more times this week to compensate for testing next week. I just have a few different random topics to put on here.
  1. We went to our environmental center Monday for our poetry in the park gathering. It was very cool. We are studying small mammals and we were going to investigate a beaver lodge. That was a nice change to our normal schedule.
  2. Ok, my girls are totally excited about this Royal wedding. I have never been into the whole royalty thing, but my girls are loving all the hype about it. I will have to record it. There is no way I'll be up at 6 to watch someone I don't know get married to someone else I don't know :) I'll watch it after I've had a Mt. Dew. or two.
  3. Noah totally loves speech therapy. Side note we wait in the library. I was always under the impression that the library was supposed to be a quiet place to get work done. We take some of our school work there and sit quietly in the "Oh, you homeschool" corner. But unfortunately it is very difficult to concentrate on our work. Mostly because our librarian spends the entire time screaming at the kids who are in her media center class. These kids aren't even being bad. She is screaming at them to be quiet. ok. And my kids spend the whole half-hour thanking me for homeschooling them.
  4. I am super excited about our used curriculum sales coming up. I've made my list for what exactly we need for school next year. I'll post a detailed list. I know I did a "what we might use" but I know for sure now.
So that's my weird list for the day :) Hope that someone out there enjoyed it

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