Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things a 3 year old might say...

So today Nate made the cutest craft in church. It was from Oriental Trading so you can order some if you want. It was a cup with a string and Jesus hanging from the string. When you pull the cloud up it Jesus ascends into heaven. It was the coolest craft ever. So on the way home Nate is in the back of the van using his big man voice saying things like " Come up here to heaven with me you guys". Tim asked Nate if he was pretending to be Jesus and Nathanael said "Dad, I can't fit into this cup!" Then he told Noah what was going on and he repeated Tim's question in his big man voice again. It was so funny.
He also got another sweat band wrist thing from the prize box at church, he's up to 3 now. He said that he needs to have that many because that's how old he is. Where on Earth do kids learn to say these things?!
I'm probably the only one who thinks it's funny, but I'm the mommy, so that's my job!
Anyway, prayers would be lovely for our testing this week. Tomorrow we start our week of testing. We are breaking it up to do over the week so they don't have to sit for hours and try to get it all done in two days. It could be done, but I prefer to only spend about 2 hours per day testing.
I hope you all have a super wonderful week and I will be back Friday or Saturday!!

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