Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ok, so I have lots of pictures to take. First off, I have been busy.... when am I not busy??? But I have been making my own Christmas cards. I will put a 4x6 picture of the kids in each one. I have 3 different ones to put in. I also have several gifts to make. Once I finish them all I will post pictures of those. I also made a very cute wreath. I am sorry that I'm so lazy..haha. I will try to get them up this weekend.
The kids will be spending Sunday afternoon with some friends so I can get some stuff done. Tim has some things to do as well so he won't be here. A whole afternoon to actually get things done!! Can you imagine? I will get so much accomplished. I'm hoping that I can get EVERYTHING done, but if I can at least put a dent in my punch list I will be ecstatic!! How are you all spending your Christmas?? I can't share our plans yet, but they are very exciting :)
Here is one picture from our cards. Be back soon :)

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Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

You have a no-reply email address so I coming to you to answer your question about the antique consignment shop. The consignment shop is called Sleepy Poet on South Blvd. You'll need to allow an entire afternoon to walk all the way through! We walked at a steady pace and it still took us 4 hours!!