Friday, June 13, 2008

not your average homeschool mom

This post is not going to be like the others with some meaning behind it. It is to explain my title. I probably should have explained why my blog is named not your average homeschool mom in the beginning. My husband always says that to me. " You are not the average homeschool mom!" I hope that it isn't offensive to other homeschool mom's out there...if any ever read my blog.
Reason #1: I am 26 and have 4 children. This in itself singles me out pretty much everywhere. Most of my friends are older than me. If they are my age they either have one or no children.
Reason #2: I like Christian rock and rap music. I don't think any of my friends that homeschool do. If so they don't want anyone to know!
Reason #3: I am loud. I think I scare alot of people. I tried the whole meek and quiet spirit thing (nothing against it, I loved the book and love my friends), but it is so not my personality. I felt like I was trapped in a bottle with the cap on it. I am the only girl with 5 brothers. Quiet is something I can't do.
There are alot of other reasons I am sure that I will be able to pinpoint as I continue this blog journey... But for now those are about the most obvious to me.
If I have ever scared you or turned you off from me... Sorry I is what I is!
I gotta be real!!

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