Friday, June 13, 2008

Seventy Years Ago

This picture was taken almost 70 years ago when my dad was about 5 years old with his sister Rose. My dad passed away 2 months before my first child was born. He was my hero. I would sit with my dad on the back of his truck and fix anything. If he was outside, I was outside. We spent all of our time with eachother. It is still hard for me that he is gone.

I mailed a letter to Quebec, Canada, to his family, asking them for any pictures or stories they might have about him or his parents. If anything happened to them I would lose that history forever. I sent these letters with pictures of our family out months ago. I actually received one back because it went to the wrong person. After having my oldest daughter tested for her end of year, I called my mom and she told me she checked my mail. I had gotten a letter in from Canada. I figured it was another return to sender. Obviously it wasn't. I was so excited to get home as my mom was looking through the pictures, I could hear her excitement. What an amazing thing to see pictures of my dad at 5 years old, or at 20 and with HAIR!!! I assumed he was always bald! lol

I don't think I will ever get to a time when I can talk about him without crying. (apparently I can't type without crying either).

I really miss him, I just hope I have the same impact on my kids that he had on me.

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