Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The other day my husband called me (from his cell phone while driving), to tell me that he had heard there would be a ban on driving while on your cell phone. I was so upset! I have 4 kids! When else will I talk on the phone? What's next? You can't talk while you grocery shop! I will never have a quiet phone conversation again! LOL
The whole thing made me think back to before we moved here from NH. I never had a cell phone before. What did I do before? I used a home phone. I don't even have a land line phone in my house. We have 2 cells. When I drove in my car, there was no phone. When I went to the park, no phone. When I did groceries, couldn't call and ask the kids what kind of cereal do you want?..
Then I thought about all of the coffee shops and such with wifi. We can't go for coffee without checking our email! Wow. If I had a laptop, I would probably do it too!
Then this came to me: At the zoo one day my younger daughter Claire was being so slow. I mean SLOW! We kept trying to rush her from one animal to the next, but she had to find every rock, leaf, speck of dirt that interested her and stop us to look. Now, let me set the scene here. Behind us is the loud, obnoxious school group. If we slow down enough, we are trapped behind them. Claire finds this beautiful leaf. "Daddy, Mommy, look at this leaf!" It really convicts my husband. ( I was keeping the 2 year old from trying to pet zoo animals!) He stops completely to see her leaf and compliment it. " It's for you Daddy!" My husband still has that leaf. It helps us remember to stop and see the leaves (smell the roses; whatever works for you). Sometimes the world around us is sooooo distracting to us that we can't hear that still small voice calling us to be still and know that He is God. It is amazing what our children teach us about life. Everyday people are paid to come up with ingenious new technology. Not that I am not happy that they have jobs and feed their families, I just think about it in the way that new distractions are created everyday. Can we stop to see the leaves? Life is what happens when we are busy doing other stuff. Be still. It is hard to do. I struggle everyday to do it. There is alot to get done. Can I not do an extra load of laundry? Yep! Do I have to load the dishwasher now? No! It is hard, but worth every minute!

Oh, by the way, the ban was for California, not our home state! Well, for now anyway! Was their relief for me????? Maybe!

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