Friday, August 15, 2008


I have had an amazing summer.  I say that because our summer is coming to an end.  We start back to school soon and as I look back on the summer it was totally amazing and unexpected.  We had planned to go to Six Flags and to Colonial Williamsburg this summer.  We would swing by Busch Gardens... but our summer did not turn out that way.  

I wasn't disappointed in  the least though.  Sure that stuff we had planned would have been fun, but my summer was everything I ever want in a vacation.  We hung out alot and played.  It was fun. We went to the park whenever we wanted.  We had alot of free days and could just stay home or go to the lake.  

The best parts were when we got to go enjoy Creation.  We went to Grandfather Mountain, Pilot Mountain, and the beach.  We love hanging on the beach.  It's really amazing. I was actually really sad to leave the beach.  God created such an amazing world to see and experience.  Being with my amazing children as they experience things is the coolest thing ever. It was Nate's first time at the ocean.  He loved it!!!  Watching the look on his face when waves came up to him was so funny!  I am so thankful that our summer didn't work out as planned.  I am glad that we were able to live life instead of a schedule!

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