Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting Ready

Well, school starts Monday in our home.  I have to admit, I am a little upset by the fact that we haven't already been in school for 2 weeks by now.  What can you do though?  I was just working on some last minute things for school tonight.  What pages will Amber do for Math throughout the week, exactly how does sequential spelling work... I just needed a break so I thought I would get on the computer and email some friends I haven't spoken to in a couple of weeks.  

I am so blessed by the friends God has placed in my life. My friends make me laugh, and keep me grounded.  They tell me to get real or to stop being so hard on myself. Even though I was starting to get a little overwhelmed in trying to figure out language lessons and writing workbooks, when I thought about my group of friends, ( in church and through homeschooling) I was just so thankful.  I could hear some of them tell me to lighten up and stop worrying about it.  

Even though they aren't here and I didn't even speak to them at this moment of slight panic, they helped me more than they will ever know.  They always do though.  Thanks guys!

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