Thursday, August 28, 2008

Week one

I feel like I don't write alot anymore, but life is busy.  We have started and finished our first week of school. It went great. The kids are getting into the schedule and so am I. ( I usually have a harder time than they do!)  I am impressed by Nathanael during school time, he behaves and does well with playtime with Noah.  It is hard for him being in Noah's room with him and without me in arms reach, but he is having more fun everyday with his big brother.  It is exciting to see your kids enjoy eachother.  Claire is loving her spelling, whoever thought that your 5 year old could learn to spell winning her first week of first grade!  Amber is doing great in her subjects and is moving through everything easily.  

We relaxed tonight and watched Return of the Jedi and had a great time all cuddled on the floor.  I hope every week goes this well, but realistically, won't happen.  Just glad I am writing so I can come back and say " See everyweek wasn't stressful!"  

I am also excited because I just found out that I am getting a 6x9 chalkboard for our schoolroom from church!  YAY!!!

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