Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who does he think he is?

Well, what a great day today.  Tim had to help a friend paint the outside of his house today, so me and the kids decided to go to Sciworks.  Nate enjoyed it so much.  This was the first time we went where he crawled around and played with stuff.  He stuck his finger in a duck's bill.  It actually may have bit him, or whatever it is that ducks do.  In defense of the duck, it was "protecting its ducklings" (even though they were behind a fence).   He didn't cry or anything.  It was cute.  He looked at me like " who does that duck think he is?".  

While we were inside at the touch tank I asked the girl working where the Remora went.  The Remora was an incredibly cool fish who looked like he swam upside down.  He (in his natural habitat) would attach himself to things like sharks, and eat their leftovers.  The shark never knows its there.  (Symbiosis: when 2 creatures live together like clownfish and anemones.)  Anyway, she said that the Remora died.  I know, its a fish, but it was cool and the kids loved it (as did I).  She said "You wouldn't believe what people pour in here!".   It only takes one person to ruin something. Tonight, after reading our pastors blog and comments on his blog, I can relate that to so much more than a touchtank and 1 fish.  1 person can really hurt another.  I know sometimes I can hurt people.  I can be impulsive and say things and I don't mean for it to come out the way it does or I don't mean it the way it sounds... I am sure everyone does.  But when a grown man attacks another persons blog, it makes me mad. When you blog you really put yourself out there. You write things from your heart, you just kind of vent sometimes. ( I usually ramble, but other people make sense.  That is why I read other peoples blogs more than I write on my own!!!LOL) In like June, someone said that my blog wasn't deep enough for them.  They actually called my husband and told him!  I just wondered who made them the blog police.  I didn't read any blog directions that said my posts should be mentally challenging and spiritually enlightening.  Why do people feel the need to be so pushy?  When they are out in public do they yell at the cashier at Walmart?  Do they tell her "Repent Repent, or you will burn in hell!"  They act that way and talk about their Jesus this and their Jesus that, but Jesus never acted the way this guy does.  He loved people where they were.  Maybe we can all love people a little more, I know I can (especially the people who are always right).  I know I don't have it all together and I never will but I don't want to be the person who ruins something for everyone.  Whether it is 1 fish, or expressing my thoughts out in the open. No one should have to worry that they are going to be attacked on their own blog. Isn't it sad that 1 person can ruin it for everyone. Who does that duck think he is?

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Brent said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm always right and you guys still love me, so it looks like you're doing a good job at that.