Monday, September 22, 2008


Okay, so Saturday I golfed for the first time.  It was a tournament to raise money for a missions trip to Mexico.  Some of our friends are going so I golfed.  I am no Tiger Woods.  Most definitely.  It is probably the hardest sport I ever played.  By the 10th hole I wanted to throw my club into some body of water and quit.  I really thought I was the most horrible golfer ever.  I guess I could have been worse though.  I got frustrated.  The wierd thing is, this morning I woke up really sore(even more than yesterday) and I wanted to golf.  I guess I liked it.  I didn't like other people from other teams seeing me though.  I actually told people to close their eyes.  I was totally serious.  

I did have fun goofing off with our friends too. We had a great time. I have been struggling friend wise lately so it has helped thinking about how great they all were. I have never almost peed on a golfcourse before.  Nevermind like 6 times!! (They really should strategically place restrooms out there on the course.) 

ya, I didn't have the skill, (I did manage to sink like 3 or 4 putts for our team though... It was captains choice, so whoever's golf ball went the closest to the hole we all hit from there, ect.) but I had fun.  Maybe I should hit the driving range ang putt-putt for a little more practice.  I have the baseball stance.  Doesn't really work well for golf.    

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