Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My family

I have had such a peaceful 6 weeks.  This week was a little busy, but not too bad.  

We have dropped alot and I don't feel guilty.  I never understood less is more, but now I do.  We have had such an amazing school year. God has convicted me about my time management. There are so many great things out there, but that doesn't mean that I have to do them all.  We are picking very few things to do, and they usually include the whole family.  Not just one or two.  This is keeping us from doing so much running.  Claire and Noah want to play basketball together this winter and I am so glad that they want to do something together.  Our goal as parents/homeschoolers is to not only lead our children to the Lord, (obviously), but to encourage them to be best friends with eachother.  I have 5 brothers that I have almost no relationship now.  I do live rather far from them, but we almost never talk to eachother.  We see eachother at Christmas and we enjoy it alot, but outside of that there is nothing.  We love eachother, just from afar.  I want so much more for my kids.  I want them to turn to eachother, pick eachother up, dust eachother off. I love my kids so much, I want to see them have healthy relationships, not just with eachother, but with others too.  If they can't do that with eachother, who can they do that with? I'm not saying that being a part of things is wrong, I miss my mommy friends from co op. But I wanted family time more than mommy time. When I fill my days with "extras" I (and they) don't get that time. I want time for God, my husband, my kids, my house. I know I am still working out the kinks in my schedule, like when will I put away laundry (I don't like to put away laundry for 6 people 0:) but I am still a work in progress too and I will probably never get it done! Life is so good.  

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