Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkins and anniversaries

We went to the fair today. What an amazing day with the family. We ate amazing fair food, kids got to ride the rides, saw the animals, ate great food, saw the exhibits, ate more great food. (We ate alot!)
Claire won first place on her pumpkin. Actually, not just first place, but judges choice over all of the decorated pumpkins.(about 100-even adults) She was super-pumped.
We always go to the fair for a special day because it always falls right around our anniversary. This is the closest day it has been in 7 years. Tomorrow is our anniversary. We got married on the 6th and we were baptized on the 7th which is the day we went to the fair. We went to church in the morning, went to the fair, then came back for the baptism service. We got to go only 2 days before this year.
So tomorrow is 7 years. God is so amazing to take us from the lives we lived and bring us where we are now. We saw a friend of ours from when we first lived here and they are divorced and it just really hit me how lucky we are. If we had kept on the paths we were on, who knows how our lives would be. We are so extremely BLESSED.
For a while I kinda got tired of telling the story of how we came to where we live now from NH. I got totally convicted because I was stealing God's glory by keeping what He did in our lives a secret. He worked a miracle in our lives. THANK YOU~~!!

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