Tuesday, October 7, 2008

80's Music

Did you ever listen to a song and it made you wanna tear out the knees of your jeans and spray your hair 4 feet off your forehead? Ya I am crazy, but lastnight I downloaded some (clean) 80's music. A little bit of Bon Jovi and Bangles, Journey and a little song by the name of FOOTLOOSE!! The kids and I danced for 30 mins straight. I haven't been so tired since the Jr. High School dance. (2 hours of non stop dancing baby!) Tim got me an Itunes gift cert for our anniversary so we poured over the 80's hits lastnight. He wasn't impressed with my choice of Wilson Phillips-Hold On, but it was my gift right! (I made him a cd minus Bangles&Wilson Phillips). He did pick Huey Lewis so I am not totally selfish-hehehe.

For my last Itunes card  I got some Christian music from when we were first saved like old school John Rueben-God is Love, and Do Not (tell me what I can and cannot do when I rock), some Pillar, oh and some Alien Youth. Those were hard times, but they were so simple. We have gotten so beaten down by "Christians" and doctrine in the past. It felt like they took something away from us. We are getting back to the place where things are good and simple again. It feels good. Check this out: I listened to some secular music and guess what-I am still a Christian!! Who knew!! 

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