Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well, our first little man turned 4 last week.  I am so sad:(

It was hard enough, but now he is trying to be all big man around the house too.  Like"no mom, I can dress me."  OK you are like, "well he is 4, let him do it." but he has always depended on me.  He is my first little boy too.  4 has been hard in another way.  It seems he has also found his attitude.  I knew it was hiding somewhere.  He found it.  What a bummer.  Today was good but the past 3 days were nearly unbearable.  I got extra prayed up for today and it was better.  Thank you Lord.  

I am really thankful though that I have such wonderful children.  When we were at Walmart today there was this little girl who was wandering around without any grownups.  Here I am like oh my. that little girl is gonna be on the news later, so we followed her.  I asked her where her mommy was, and tried to get her to come with us to find an employee to page her mom.  Then her mom walks up ( nearly across the store from where I originally saw the girl). Apparently the little girl likes to play the scream bloody murder and run away from mommy game in the store.  We saw our pastors mom and talked to her for a few mins then made our way to the checkout.  Her mom was still sprinting after her and the little girl was still evading her.  It was a good lesson for how to not act in the store.  My kids were so shocked.  They told Tim tonight and were still distraught about the whole thing.  We read the Miller story about the little girl misbehaving in the grocery store and this was the real thing. It was a good teachable moment.  

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