Monday, October 27, 2008

Worship how?

 I get a blog in my email everyday from a fellow homeschooler.  She was talking about her 4 year old's behavior in "BIG" Church Sunday morning.  During greetings he ran to the stage to "meet" the guys with guitars.  During prayer he got down on the floor and his head down.(I especially enjoyed this since this is how we usually pray at home with our kids). During offering he wanted to check out the size of bills in the plate!  

I really loved this blogpost.  She was talking about how we can view it two different ways. The first way is to view this as wrong behavior for church.  The second way we can look at it is why not.  Why can't we lay on the floor and pour our hearts out to God?  Why can't we go up and greet the band on Sunday morning?  Why not?

The more I thought about her blogpost the more I got convicted.  How many times have I just wanted to go up to the altar and worship?  But if I go up everyone will think that I have some giant problem or something. What if I stood up for the sit down song?  What would happen?  Does that mean that I really care more about the people around me instead of what my Heavenly Father thinks?I think it does:(

Would he be offended if I stood up for the sit down song?  Would he be mad if I prayed through the music? Absolutely Not!  I think it is time I stopped caring about what people might think about what I do in church and start thinking about what I am being led by the spirit to do. What did the Apostles do?  Did they know that introductions were followed a few hymns, then they should sing a few more songs and pray.  After that is the message followed by more music and prayer? I doubt they knew.  Was it not "church"? 

 Last week at church things were changed. Is that wrong? Not at all!  It is so refreshing. (Except for people who don't like change: Like Nate.  He missed his going to sleep music!lol).  But we can be afraid to step out and do things that are not in our nature.  I don't want to look different. 

So guess what I will be praying about this week!

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Brent said...

Hey Angela,
I really enjoyed this post. This is the kind of thing I've been talking about to Kaylyn and others for a long long time. I get so frustrated by the fact that everyone follows everyone else. Everyone stands up or sits down together. Everyone does the same thing. That's not worship, that practiced behavior. It seems to me that all true worship in the Bible was unpredictable and unexpected. It was never routine or scripted. I yearn for a worship like that, but it seems that so many people want to know the "schedule" of worship. How ridiculous are we?

Anyhow, the reason I came to your blog today was to ask you to do me a favor and tell Tim that I love him dearly and I am sorry for neglecting our friendship. Kaylyn and I were talking last night and God used her to convict me hard about how I operate in my friendships. I've been a terrible friend and I am truly sorry. I'm going to call and tell him all this myself, but I won't have the opportunity until later today. If you could just let him know that I think the world of him and would love to make the time to hang out together on a regular basis.