Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I haven't written on here in forever! I got convicted about not writing from another blog I receive. She was talking about blogging and about posting regularly so people don't have to check your blog continuously, they just know when you post. I was like "Oh man, I am so irregular!" Not that I have a huge amount of people that read my blog, but I should try to be regular with my posts.
We are learning about the Pilgrims or "Saints" as they called themselves. There were 50 "Saints" and 52 "Strangers" on the Mayflower-not including the ship's crew. Strangers were the names of the people who did not leave England or Holland because of Religious reasons. England's church was governed by the King(not the guy with the big head in the commercials either- this dude was M-E-A-N-mean). They left and went to Holland for freedom. Then Spain was gonna invade HOlland- which meant a king. King + Holland= another Church run by a king. The "Saints" left because they didn't want to attend the Church of anotherking because of all of the rules and ceremonial garbo. (They were called Seperatists). They wanted to have a service to glorify God, not a man.
Paul refers to the church as "Saints" too. Why is it that I feel more like a Stranger than a Saint alot though? I think about those Saints, and the ones in Paul's time too. They were soo amazing... It can feel so hard to live up. But then I think about why the Saints left England and Holland. Things just needed to be simple. They just wanted to worship. Why do I feel like I need to live up to the standards of people that lived 400 years ago? They left everything they knew and went to a new land- where there were no new homes to buy or stores to shop in. More than half of them died in the first 3 months. They were scared to death of people that they heard were "Savages". (Even though they saved their lives). Would I have done that? Maybe. They were indebted to the people who financed their trip for 7 years. They had to constantly trade with Indians for furs to send back to England with every ship that came through the Plymouth area. They gave up so much. Obviously the enemy wants me to feel like I will never measure up and I can never be good enough. I know that God loves me and I am His. I can't do anything to ever change His love for me. I am just in awe of the Saints before and their amazing faith in God to do the unthinkable. I think if we all did the unthinkable our world would be so different. I want to do the unthinkable.

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