Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok. Our school year is off to a very good start.(This picture is of our homemade volcano last spring.They really liked this one. This year we talked about geysers and used balloons with baking soda and vinegar. Very Cool.) We are in week 13 now, which is behind schedule for us. We usually start in the middle of August, but we had a late vacation this year. But that's ok. We will be done school in almost May instead of April. No big deal.
I guess I'm writing about this because today I had to take a survey for HSLDA> the home school legal defense association. They are preparing for the unknown in the next presidency. The democratic party isn't exactly known for their warm hearts toward us. We are tearing apart everything that they have or want to build up.
So I had to answer questions about how and where Amber was tested and what type of curriculum and teaching style I use. It was all a little surreal. I know that nothing has happened and nothing may. With the economical crisis, we may not see anything happen for a while, if at all. Now we have HSLDA and others like them to do the fighting for us.
It made me think a lot about the pioneers of homeschooling. I have had the opportunity to hear some of them speak at the annual conference. How they went against everyone and fought for the right to home school their children. HSLDA wasn't around then. That was so bold. I am so thankful for their efforts to give me the right and privilege to teach my children in my home.
The icing on my cake though- when Amber said she was thankful for school at home. (we were filling out our "What I am thankful for today" chart). So not only do I like homeschooling, but apparently, my kids do too!! How sweet is that??

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