Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving! YAY!

I am sooo excited that it is almost Thanksgiving! We have been learning the history of Thanksgiving for a couple of weeks now. Tonight my kids don't know that they are sleeping on the floor to simulate the ride on the Mayflower. We were gonna do that last week, but I figured they probably wouldn't sleep well and a whole week of no sleep would be terrible. The girls learned Psalm 100, we know inside and out how many "Saints" and "Strangers" there were, how many died the first 3 months.
The one thing I want them to learn more than anything though:being Thankful. I'm not saying that they are not thankful or anything, but I feel like it is so easy to get complacent. I am guilty of this alot. I always say "I don't have anything to wear to church today:(" Poor me right. I have a closet and a dresser with clothes in them. That is more than most people in the world.
Anyway, besides the great food, our goal is to be more thankful everyday.

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