Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random things about me

I have a facebook account. I initially opened it to keep in touch with our family from up north. Now it is more of a keep in touch with my friends thing. I got tagged (of picked) to write 25 random things about myself that people may not otherwise know. Well, I have been thinking about it alot and I thought I would post it on here too.
1. I am a Christian and love the Lord very much.
2.I have 4 kids and I love being a stay at home mom!
3.I am married to Tim; YAY!-a little more than 7 years now.
4. Tim and I started dating (again) on Super Bowl Sunday. ( We celebrate by watching the game and eating good food)
5. I home school my kids and Love it!!
6. I want to live on a farm and have animals.
7. I love to work with my hands.
8. I like sports, but dislike organized exercising.
9. I have 5 brothers and no sisters.
10. I hit like a guy.
11. I have lived in 6 states, but 4 of the states I lived in more than once.
12. I love science and history.
13. I volunteered at a Historical Museum for 2 years in high school.
14. I love to cook.
15. I enjoy sewing- when I have time.
16. I like to be home with the family or doing things all together.
17. I am a big kid.
18. I say things I shouldn't say and don't say all the things I should say.
19. I used to ice skate all the time.
20. I play the clarinet and the saxophone in all variations.
21. I miss my dad.
22. I miss my dad's old 85 Ford F-150.It had a horn under the dash cause the original horn wouldn't work. Whenever my friends would see me they would yell "The Beast!!"(that was the truck's nickname) and I would kick the horn with my foot!! (sigh) The Beast~RIP~
23. I can use a chainsaw, but I'm too scared to now. Although I am still able to work on one.
24. I don't like to dress up.
25. I love to laugh.
Today I spent the afternoon sanding our drywall in our room and making sure every nail hole was filled with putty so I can have smooth walls to paint. I thought that this really proved #7!
What really made me think about my list today was #18. I was looking over the lesson for tonight ladies Bible study. I was going to teach on it 2 weeks ago, but there was a meeting for youth parents and that drained our class, and last week I was very sick. I think there was a meeting for pre-k - 5th grade too. Anyway, it was Eph.5:1-21. When it talks about how we talk and only speaking thanksgiving and praise. It also talks about living spirit-filled lives. I feel like the Holy Spirit wants me to say something and I don't then I say something dumb and worry about how people would take it...
Why do we do the things we don't wanna do and we don't do the things we should do?? I know I'm not the only person who has struggled here. Paul talks of the same thing. I just wish I could express my heart more easily. I think if we all looked at people's intentions, life wouldn't be so complicated. I know if everyone knew my intentions I would never worry about how people took the things I say.

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