Monday, February 2, 2009


Obviously by the title of this blog, you know that I homeschool my 4 kids. They are 8,6,4,and 17 months. I have really fallen in love with lapbooking. Lapbooks are floders that you cut up and add flaps to and attatch tons of informational mini-books. Everything we learn in school, I try to find a corresponding lapbook. we have done one on volcanoes and I loved it, so we started the states. Everystate we work on we do a lapbook. They aren't as big, but the kids love to do them. We are also working on the presidents. George Washington had his own lapbook because there was so much info on him. John Adams, well he will go into a smaller one with the not so popular guys. I think that Wahington, Jefferson, and Lincoln will fill their own books. The best part is, to fill the mini books, the kids have to find and write the info into them.
For example in the states lapbooks, we do several mini-books. Flag, flower, bird, tree, song, motto, population, map, capital...
Well, here are some great lapbooking links:
This link has paper or E-book form lapbook templates for purchase, but they do randomly have a free E-book for downloading:
Well, anyway, I really enjoy lapbooks and my kids LOVE them. I will post a picture of one of ours tonight.

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