Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Friends, Good Times!

Well, I have been wanting to write about our time in Virginia in the beginning of March, so here I am!! We had such an amazing time! My friend Tracie and her 2 wonderful girls and my girls and I headed out on a Friday morning to Williamsburg.
Here are the girls outside of the Blacksmith's shop. This was our first stop. Aren't they cute in their mob caps?

Of course the moms had a great time too. Here we are trying to put a bucket together at the Cooper's.

We had a great time walking through and just enjoying the amazing weather.

Here are the girls outside the courthouse, in time out! LOL :)
Of course we had to take their picture here! They thought this was so funny.

After this we decided to head to dinner and then to the resort. The girls enjoyed the pool (unfortunately Claire was running a fever by the time we got to Chic-fil-a and couldn't enjoy the pool, but felt fine the next morning). Here is a picture of her being excited that she wasn't sick anymore...

We enjoyed the museum Friday morning and did a magical creature scavenger hunt. Unicorns, mermaids, griffins... The girls were very excited needless to say. We saw some great fold art and old toys, ect...

Then the girls marched in the fife and drums parade. That was pretty amazing!! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!! (That was their battle cry.)

Here is Amber sitting in the church in the seat where George Washington would sit when he attended there. This is in a "box". There was a pew behind Amber and you used the door to get into where Amber was sitting. There were 2 pews to a "box". There are kneelers that they would pull out from under the pew too.
Also, (We noticed this in Jamestown on Saturday as well) The pews are very high and these were actually boxed in with doors and the preacher would stand in an elevated pulpit so everyone could see him.

Williamsburg was the captial of Virginia, and G.W. lived in Va. so I guess it was natural for him to go there often. (He was in the House of Burgesses after all). Anyway, there were many famous names on plates, Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler, James Madison, James Monroe... It was pretty cool.

We walked around Williamsburg for the rest of the day and then grabbed some dinner.
The next day, Jamestown.
I will write about Jamestown later...This took forever...

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