Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day

Well today was our first day back in school. We have had such a crazy summer that it felt weird to have our first day already. Which is also strange because I usually like to start school at the beginning of August. Instead we were packing and moving the first 2 weeks of August...
Our first day did go better than planned though. I was a little nervous about how Nate would do. He is an extremely busy 2 year old! He busied himself with puzzle pieces and don't spill the beans. He did enjoy watercolor painting with the big kids too!!
The kids all did great! Noah really enjoyed himself doing all of his work right along side of his sisters! He listened to our science and history readings and answered questions. He loved painting pictures of our new house, and he did amazing in writing!
Claire and Amber started a short review of math and were finished 18 minutes ahead of schedule. I was extremely impressed. They started Greek/Latin today and really thought it was cool. Our word for today was Photos-light. They thought the word photophobia was funny. "How can someone be afraid of light?". Noah worked on reading after lunch while Amber and Claire started reading Pilgrims Progress. I am so amazed with my kids. God has blessed us so much with such great kids. (of course I am quite partial!)
I hope tomorrow and everyday are as great as today! Realistically, well, we'll see!

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