Monday, October 26, 2009

Well, we do actually do things in school. Here was an on going art project. Every year we enter some art work in the local fair. Claire decided she would love to do an un fired clay project. Here is her dragon she made from Crayola Air Dry Clay. She got the idea from our 15 Centuries of Art book.

Here is the finished product. We spray painted it gold and it turned out fabulous. She really did an amazing job. The camera wouldn't take a very good shot. Here is our Ziggurat from Ancient Sumeria/Mesopotamia. They are bullion cubes. I couldn't find sugar cubes at walmart. LOL. Top view.
Here is the front view. It was used for worshipping idols. This may have been the type of tower the Tower of Babel was.

Here is our clay tablet with cuneiform writing.

Well, I thought I would show that we do actually do something in school. I am just really bad about actually posting any of it!! I will post about our trip to the giant science center in our state capital.

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