Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My next craft!

Well, I actually finished my shades. I waited until my new windows went in. I have only completed the living room set so far. I haven't been to the fabric store yet and don't have any on hand for my other rooms. While I wait, I have something new to try!!! I came across this great blog Skip to my Lou and she had a guest blogger put this great craft on there!! I am so excited. The girls are DYING to start making homemade Christmas gifts for everyone, but I would have to buy so many materials for some of these things, I was a bit hesitant. These items can be made with things from the Dollar Store!!! I also have to add that there is a Dollar Store blog that has tons of great Christmas crafts all made with things from the Dollar Store! Anyway, here are my next 2 crafts! Enjoy!!!

Sweater refashion into a hat and scarf

An always popular gift is a hat and scarf set. This is a darling idea from a wonderful blogger named, Disney. She has the most creative blog, Ruffles and Stuff. Her blog is filled with the most clever recycling and refashioning ideas! You will also want to visit Disney's Etsy shop where she has made beautiful jewelry and accessories from vintage and recycled materials (I so want that Debutante Necklace).

I think if you happened upon a sweater instead of a vest you would be able to also make matching mittens for the hat and scarf. It would also be fun to think of other animals, or a plain set would be great for older children!

Disney writes...

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be guest posting here at Skip to my Lou today!

My name is Disney, and I have a little craft blog called Ruffles and Stuff. I'm a (new)preacher's wife and stay at home mommy, so I love to spend my free time sewing, and trying to figure out easy ways to make all the cute things I can't afford.

How to make a hat and scarf from a sweater

Something for the boys! Yay!
I got this sweater vest at the Dollar Store several days ago (sweaters at the Dollar Store? How random is that??) and I just knew it was dying to be a little beanie and scarf set! I'm so excited to have a project for little boys!
This would actually work best with a sleeved sweater (then you could just use sleeves for a scarf!), but this is what I had, so...
1) Measure your child's head, and cut out a hat shape through both layers (I free-handed this, but if you had another beanie to trace around, that would be great!), then cut a large rectangle shape through both layers for the scarf.

2) Lay the two scarf pieces right side together and pin the non-banded end. Sew with a zig-zag stitch, being careful not to let it stretch too much.

3) Cut out your "face" shapes from felt or fleece. 4 ears, two big circles for eyes, and two slightly smaller circles for the pupils, and a little triangle nose.
4) Lay two of the ear shapes on top of the other two, and sew around the edges with your machine. (not pictured)
5) Pin the ears to the right side of the beanie, facing downward. Lay the other piece of the beanie on top of it(right sides together), with ears sandwiched in between, and pin.
6) Sew the two hat pieces together, leaving the banded side open.
7) Take your scarf piece and fold it over, right sides together, and pin. Sew all the way down the side.
8) Turn the scarf right side out, and sew the banded edges closed.
9) Pin the face shaped where you want them, and hand stitch them on.


Disney also shows how to make a pair of fingerless gloves from a pair of socks----- another great gift!

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