Thursday, December 3, 2009

We got our tree up! Then we realized that we had lost our decorations sometime during our move. Yep. Bummer. 9 years of the kids making ornaments and they are all gone...But wait! Perfect opportunity for the kids to make ALL NEW DECORATIONS!!!
That's right. My kids spent 3 days making decorations! I have to say they did a wonderful job! We took some old glass balls that all of the paint had chipped and faded and gave them a glamorous makeover. Painted them with glue and rolled them in glitter! They did the same with styrofoam balls, but we pushed pretty ribbon into them for hanging.
We painted glue onto some black felt using snowflake stencils, then put glitter on them to look like shiny snowflakes hanging on the tree. We also decoupaged a few of the balls with tissue paper.
There are a few clothespin shepherds and angels. And for the top, I made a starburst out of styrofoam balls, kabob skewers, and what else...glitter! I still have to spray paint the kabob sticks, but the tree looks great! My mom did purchase 2 packs of plastic balls from the dollar tree, but the tree is about 90% homemade. Down side: I may never get all of the glitter off of my floor/out of my carpet in the school room...
Side note...If you look close in the picture above^ you can see the shades that I finally made from a previous post!! They came out great and were super easy to make!

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