Thursday, January 28, 2010

The end is in sight!

I have not posted since before Christmas. I am never really good at keeping a scheduled blog, but not much has been going on. We have started back up with school so that has really been our main focus right now. I changed our schedule a little and added in a few more things that the children enjoy. Music and Shakespeare are a few new favorites to our day. We are reading from Charles and Mary Lambe's Shakespeare for Children. It is basically a summary of the play and keeps much of the old english which makes Shakespeare so beautiful and poetic. We have also been working on more memorization. They memorized ! Corinthians 13 during the first half of the school year, now we are working on Proverbs 13 and starting a sonnet. Not sure which one yet...(:
The kids love their school work so much! Obviously there are days where things don't go smoothly, but for the most part I am thrilled! God knew what He was doing when he guided me to new curriculum! Glad I let Him pick it out! I have also been reading and re-reading the newest free ebook from Simply Charlotte Mason. It's called Smooth Easy Days. Basically a great read for moms about good habit training. There is so much in there I have to keep going back over it and I always catch something I missed the first time. Hopefully soon I can write about our testing choices and why we chose the tests we did! God Bless!~

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