Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why do I homeschool?

I have been keeping up with this video blog called the Homeschool Channel. They are very informative and have lots of great videos and a wealth of information for us homeschoolers! The reason I'm bringing up this great blog is because I follow them on Facebook and get all of their updates to my homepage. Recently, families were asked to respond to their newest contest titled "WHY DO I (you) HOMESCHOOL?"
So of course this got me thinking...(no I didn't send in my video response) Why do I homeschool???
8 years ago something led me to the thought of homeschooling. I knew I would homeschool my child (now children). But what? Why?
When Amber was about 9 months old my husband and I became followers of Jesus Christ. We were married and baptized within a few months. Stop doing the math, yes she was born first.
By the time she was 1 I already knew that I would homeschool. At that time I didn't have a very strong understanding of God's calling ect... I knew He moved us away from sin, not only physically, but spiritually. We moved nearly 1,000 miles. I knew that many of the things that had happened were (in hindsight) God in motion! But to say that I knew that God was calling me to homeschool... Did God care about that??? Obviously the more I grew spiritually I learned that God cared about every aspect of our lives and that He wanted my children (He knew about them before me!) to be home with me and educated by Him through me. This was wonderful! How exciting.
Then came our next bundle of joy Claire, before Amber turned 2...then our 3rd, Noah, before Claire turned 2. Ok. At this point I pretty much freaked out. How would I homeschool Amber, and take care of a 2 year old (almost 3) and an almost 1 year old???? HOW? God. I know that because it was His will for me to home educate, HE would do it all. Does that mean every day was amazing? No. Some days it was (is) really hard. But I did not and will not give up.
I also homeschool because I don't have the faith to trust someone else with my child all day. I am not strong enough to only see my child for a few hours each day, most of that being getting ready to go to school and the rest of it doing hours of homework.
I am so thankful that I homeschool everyday. I get to spend their childhood with them. I can honestly say that I know my kids and they know me.
God has called me to homeschool them (all the way through high school). Not everyone is called to do it, I'm just very thankful that I was!

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