Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

I am so overly thankful that spring is here!!! Our winter was very cold, long, and depressing! I dislike getting out in the cold, especially with the poor kids. I have a countdown of sorts of the reasons why my kids are so pumped up about spring:
#5 They can play outside without 5 layers of clothes because it's so cold.
#4They don't have to worry about more snow (the last 3 snowfalls weren't very welcomed here in our home. My kids love to be in shorts...).
#3 They have more sunlight time since we have turned the clocks ahead.
#2There is so much beauty this time of the year too. My girls wake up every morning and pull up the blinds to see if our Bradford pear tree is in full bloom yet ( the top half is nearly all white, just a little more to go!)
But I would have to say their #1 reason is that we get to start our family hikes together again! We love to go to the historical parks in our area and explore nature and history (at the same time...multitasking mama!)
The kids really enjoy investigating the old basements of the homes from the 1700's.
Our 2 favorites about this park is the beautiful community garden complete with grapevine covered trellises (jealous) and the walk up to God's acre. This is a beautiful trail of large steps that lead to a very, very old cemetery. We love walking around and seeing the stones of some of the people who first settled our area. Figuring out how old (or young) some of the earlier settlers were.

We also have a few parks in our area that have great wooded walking trails. We will definitely be having a wonderfully observational spring!

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what park is this???? Just beautiful!