Monday, July 12, 2010

My new school room

Here are the before pictures of our school room. When we first moved in we had some big bushes in front of some windows, so we painted the room white to allow as much light as possible. Now we have removed those pesky bushes, or trees, seeing as they were halfway up the house!
That meant that I could now paint our school room and change it around to get more room to put our sleeper sofa in!

Here are the old pictures of the school room. You can see that it's all white and more cluttered because of the way we had the room set up, but we just worked with what we had.

Tim brought home this great sleeper sofa that was a market sample and got these great cushions at cost: $15! He also had these great new bookcases in the warehouse that were market samples one year. So we replaced the old mismatched bookshelves with these 2 nice matching ones and replaced our giant armoire computer desk with a smaller one that also matches the bookshelves (it's nice to have the in on the furniture industry ) Here is the newly painted room! It may be hard to see but the non-red walls are not white, but aqua (sparkling lake actually). I still need to make curtains and hang our school posters up, but for the most part:IT'S DONE!!!


Following Forward said...

it looks SO good!!!!

GraceandTruthAcademy said...

Thank you :) It's my new favorite room!