Monday, July 12, 2010

What I Got For Free!!

I went to Staples yesterday for their Back to School Sale. They were having a Dollar Sale and a Penny Sale. You can get (Until this Weds 7-14-10) a great deal on some back to school stuff. If you spend $5 you can also get 10 folders and 2 packs of pencils for a penny each. But here's where it gets really good...if you're a teacher, you can get 25 packs of 8 pencils for a penny each and 25 folders for a penny each! But I took my deals a step further. Up until this week, for every printer cartridge you bring back to Staples you would get $3 in rewards quarterly (limit 10). I received my $30 coupon via email 2 weeks ago and was holding out for a good deal. (Now they have reduced the rebate to $2 per cartridge, but $20 for nothing is pretty good.) I have a printer that won't allow a refill of the cartridges (which most newer printers now do ). So, basically I got everything in the picture above-70 items- for the price below ($0) and I also got a new ink cartridge! Not bad!

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