Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One month update...

We started school August 23rd so tomorrow is our 1 month mark. Here's how things are going so far:
  1. We have gotten our school day down from 8-2:30 to about 8-12/12:30.
  2. The kids are enjoying what we've added and aren't missing what we've dropped.
  3. The kids still love History and Science, they don't love language or spelling.
  4. I'm adjusting to the new schedule fairly well.
  5. We have started band this year (the girls and I) so we will have an extra clarinet player, a trumpet player, and a trombone player in our house.
All in all I would have to rate our first month as a success. I was having a hard time keeping up with the housework the first few weeks because we were schooling for soo long. But now that we have adjusted to the schedule and are moving more quickly through our day, things are back to normal.
Once we are done our entries for the fair I will post those pictures.

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