Sunday, September 26, 2010

Changing Seasons

In my neck of the woods the seasons are changing. Well, at least for the next 5 days. I'm sure after that it will feel like summer again for a while. Our fall usually consists of some cold/rainy days blended with days in the 90's.

Not like in NH. Growing up in NH it was freezing. We trick or treated with winter coats on. Sometimes with ski pant too. That's fun. Wearing your Halloween costume completely covered. Have fun explaining to every house what you were dressed up as under your snow clothes. Climbing snowbanks to cross the street in October.

Well, I don't have that problem anymore. I actually love heat. I don't ever remember complaining about the heat. I usually make it a point not to. Even when I lived in Louisiana. Why? Because I don't want warm weather to end. I LOVE fall most though. It's cool in the morning, 90 in the afternoon, then cools down when the sun goes down. I love it! Plus the fair comes to town. We love the fair. And Thanksgiving...
Our leaves are falling from our sycamore out front. The leaves on our maple in the back are changing slightly. It's raining right now... Fall is here. I'm not trying to give a weather forecast or anything... I'm just observing the changing seasons.

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