Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Fair Time!

Well, it's fair time again! Here are our entries this year...Above is Amber's photo of a tiger swallowtail caterpillar (which has already made it's way onto here from our hike) with a 2nd place ribbon dangling from it.
Here is her pumpkin with a sixth place ribbon...the pumpkin theme is Looney Tunes.
Here is Noah's torn paper collage of an owl...nice.
Amber's 1st place woodburned horse. They put the ribbon right over it. Amber uncovered it when we went in for school day.
Here is Claire's Bugs Bunny pumpkin which won first in her age group.
Here is Nate's Marvin Martian, isn't it so cute???
And here is Noah's 3rd place Road Runner! There were a few other entries, but our family couldn't find them for pictures. Since our camera was mysteriously dropped into the ocean....
We didn't take any yet...

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