Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So Amber has been sick and today is our official first day back since Thursday. Friday was our nature study (hike and observation) and apparently it was also our observation of crazy guy day (goings on in the fabric store post).
I felt like a total failure for not "doing" school Monday (which we spent 2.5 hours at the doctors office) and Tuesday (light work).
I know that it's ok to miss a day or two of school, but I feel like I am the world's worst mom/teacher ever.
I know where the guilt comes from, but it's hard to believe it's not truth. God is so much bigger than I allow him to be sometimes (alot), but I'm getting better.
I know that God will not condemn me for missing two days of school, but the enemy would have me to believe that I'm messing up my kids and that they will be educationally inept.
I know that this is not true, yet I still allow the lies and propaganda to continue to affect me. Here is where I reason myself back into clear thinking:
God wants me to homeschool for a reason, and obviously He thinks I (completely relying on Him daily) can do it. So can every other person homeschooling their children. The best way to get through the guilt is to know where it comes from...and I do. The next thing is to realize that you know who you belong to and who's got your back.
So if I know my guilt is from the enemy and that Jesus has my back why do I feel so guilty? I guess I don't anymore. Thanks for letting me rant for a moment to get that out!

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