Monday, October 25, 2010

Goings on in the fabric store

I haven't posted in a while. Nothing crazy has been going on around here. I finished the girls costumes so that's out of the way. I will post pictures when they get all dressed up. We went hiking Friday at the environmental center. That was alot of fun. Tim got to join us too, so that was an added treat!
My mom moves in this Thursday for a week. She is moving back to NH next Friday. She is flying up to Boston. Tim is driving her car up to Boston and she will drive the last 4 hours to her new (old) home.
Amber is sick: some virus thing.
Oh, I got kicked out of a discount fabric store. That's an interesting story.
So Friday we went hiking and then we drove (about 25 mins) to the discount fabric store.
I mean discount...nothing over $4.69. I needed somematerial for a poodle skirt and an Indian costume. So the girls and I go in and Tim stays in the car with the boys. After about 10 or 15 mins Tim comes in with the boys looking for a bathroom for Nate (3 yrs old). I'm around the corner and Tim doesn't see me yet. He asks the guy working how he is. The guy answers fine
and Tim tells him that his wife is in here, and he's been in the car with the boys...Could Nate use the potty while waiting for me to finish up??? I had some of my fabric picked out and had some in my arms. The man says "sorry the closest bathroom is Hardee's" which is like a mile down the road. Tim says (nicely) " don't have a bathroom he can use? He's just a kid."
The guy responds "I told you we don't have a public bathroom!" Ah. I italicized public because now we knew he had a bathroom, he just wouldn't let anyone use it.
So as Tim is walking out (I'm just kind of standing there with my arms full of fabric unsure of what to do at this point) he says half under his breath (loud enough that we heard it though) "We are giving this guy business and he won't let my 3 year old use the bathroom. He doesn't appreciate his business."
The guy freaks out and starts screaming and running after him "I don't appreciate you flapping off at the gums in here. You can never come back! Get out!"
We (the girls and I) were kind of just standing there (still standing there) so I put all of the fabric down on the counter and walk out (had to walk right by scary, freaking out guy). Of course we had to go to Hardee's too.

Then we had to drive 25 mins to Jo Ann's. Funny thing though, while we were in line to have our fabric cut, someone asked where the bathroom was. The girls and I just started laughing. We got to tell our story of freaky fabric guy. Also, Nate had to pee (AGAIN) while we were in Jo Ann's. Tim brought him next door to another store. I told him if he got me kicked out of Jo Ann's we might have some marriage problems! (not really, I'm kidding)
I'm slightly bummed about not being able to go back to the
discountplace, it was a great place to get fabric. :(

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