Friday, November 12, 2010

Our turkey day schedule

So Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. I realized that it was only two weeks away yesterday. I don't dread it though. All the cooking makes me excited. I cook for 3 days. Pies and cheesecakes are done on this day. The day before is usually the day we make sure we have every single ingredient we need for Thanksgiving. Who wants to fist fight in the grocery store over baking powder? Not me! Then I usually have to get up at 2 or 3 AM to put our monster mutant turkey in the oven. You know, the one that you're afraid won't fit in your pan, or clear the top of your oven without sitting right on the heating element. Ya. We usually only have the 6 of us, Tim's aunt, uncle, and cousin; and a widow from 2 churches ago and her grand-daughter. My mom used to come too, but she has moved back to NH. She's not getting cajun injected turkey up there that's for sure. Or my mac n cheese. Sorry. Anyway, my husband insists on mega turkey for leftovers.
Tim usually has a nap in the afternoon because he leaves at 11pm to shop with his Black Friday friends. They go to all the stores that have the best deals and stand in line for hours, run around, grab what they want (if they can find it) and then stand in line for hours to pay for it. Glad he does though. Saves us lots and lots of $$$.
Then after he sleeps from about 6-10, we go to buy our Christmas tree. We set it up that day, but we don't decorate it yet.
On Saturday we go the Daniel Boone Inn and eat like we didn't eat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turkey for 2 days. It's all you can eat and it's amazing. This year we are going for breakfast...mmm. When we figure we can't move at all, we leave and go to the Blowing Rock Christmas Parade. The kids love it and my husband knows the Santa. He's an all year Santa.
Then we decorate our tree on Sunday after church. I will be posting oodles of pictures, because I'm getting my new camera on Black Friday. So I guess there won't be alot of Thanksgiving pictures, but from then on, expect tons.

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