Sunday, January 9, 2011

How plans can change unexpectedly

We had plans to visit the Science Center this past Friday. HAD would be the key word in that sentence. I had to cancel when I found out Claire broke her foot. She woke up Friday morning complaining that the back of her foot hurt. Upon inspection I realized it was not her foot, but her achilles tendon. It had a large knot protruding from it. So I'm debating whether or not to take her to the doctor's office. OK. Before you freak out or anything you have to understand. I have 4 kids. If I took them to the doctor's every time something hurt I would pay rent there. So I'm weighing out take her today and find out if it's major, I know they will send us for x-rays...but if it gets worse over the weekend I don't want to spend Saturday or Sunday at Primecare or the ER. So I call (since my thinking process takes a while and we missed the walk-in from 8-9 am) and make an appointment. We head in at 10, get seen, get sent for x-rays, go back to the Pediatrician's office, find out that her tendon is fine, but her foot is broken. Apparently being the horrible parent that I am, we had no idea that her foot is broken. Yep. The bottom of her fibula has a nice chunk completely separated from the bone. Apparently another tendon is to blame for that because it ripped said bone chunk off. And it's been broken because it's showing signs of healing. Luckily it's in a place where it isn't painful.
So we went to Mc D's and grabbed some cheap lunch thanks to some coupons, cancelled our Science center plans, and headed home for a backpack of toys. My friend called and offered to watch the other 3 kids while we headed to the Orthopedics office. That was soooo amazing. I'm not just writing this because she will probably read this either...She's great! So I drop the 3 other's at her house (my kids, not the bad guys from LOST, even though at times they wake up and I wonder who they are) run and pick up the x-rays they should have given me when I went to the radiologist's office. Then we went to the ortho's and they suggested a boot. that they don't carry. because it's extra small. but I can order one. and wait 4 days. or I can drive to the next city over and pick one up. in 40 mins. with traffic. because idiots think it's gonna snow. and every cop in the city is out. And I have to get there by 3!!!! Because they close. Who closes at 3??
Apparently though, just because they close, doesn't mean they get you outta there by 3 let me tell you. We waited AN HOUR for a Velcro boot. Really people??? NO ONE IS HERE!!! GIVE ME THE BOOT!! FITTED? WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE HAS TO BE FITTED???IT'S VELCRO!!!
OOHHH! That was terribly difficult. I'm glad you showed me how to use Velcro. Is that stuff new? Wow. Impressive.
So my child is limping around in her boot that nearly weighs more than she does. Poor little thing. She decorated it today. Hot glue and sequins make everything better. I'll take a picture in the morning. It's really cute.
I am thankful though. I mean if we didn't go to the doctor, we never would have gotten x-rays and found out about the broken bone. Now it's going to heal properly and hopefully she won't have problems with it later on. If it hasn't shown improvement in 2 weeks they will cast her. She is hoping that she will be better before spring tennis starts up again. We'll see.

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