Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ramblings of Nothingness

I haven't posted in a while. Forgive me, I'm lazy. Well, blog lazy anyway. Besides that, nothing has really been going on. We started back to our bi-weekly Poetry in the Park meetings. Well, now we call them Poetry in the Park at the church, because we are meeting at a church instead of outside in the freezing weather. We really enjoy that and it was nice to get back to again. We've been on break since Thanksgiving. Right now we are studying evergreens, yesterday was pine trees.
We are starting a section on Ancient Rome. We will probably spend a week or two on it. We will probably have a Roman night where we have a feast and maybe some activity. I haven't really thought through it, just thought it might be worth the mention. We are almost up to the birth of Christ. We have paused here just to understand the times that He was born into. Not because we love wearing togas. We do try at least once a year to have a night like this. One year we did a medieval night. We dressed up like kings, queens, dukes, lords, duchesses... and we ate with our hands. We have had an Indian night, a Chinese night, a cowboy night, and we did spend a day enjoying the Greek Olympics (in our back yard). We also had an Egyptian night where we mummified Barbie and dressed up like Egyptians. We ate Egyptian food and danced to Walk like an Egyptian by the Bangles.

We find out more about Claire's foot Thursday. Nothing new to report until then.
Amber and I went ice skating with the church Sunday. That was fun. We love ice skating! A lot. I do miss that. It's like $8 to go here! Besides having free outdoor rinks in NH we also only had to pay $3 to go at the arena for public skating. I know, it sounds like one of those stories, "When I was a kid...."
Some of those stories can be accurate. I have several examples I will refrain from boring you with.
I will post again when we find out more about Claire's foot or something interesting happens.

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