Monday, January 24, 2011

What's been going on around here lately

Well, Claire's foot is not healing so she is in a spiffy neon orange cast. She can't put any pressure on it and is getting around surprisingly well on crutches. Especially considering we have a split level house. She doesn't hate it, but she misses wearing real pants...and being able to scratch her foot. We go back next week for more x-rays and maybe another cast. She wants pink next time if she has to get another. She would rather not have any at all, but if she'll be pink.
To make up for her not getting to go ice skating with us last week we got tickets to see the US Figure Skating Championship thingy. We had a great time! You can probably tell by the pictures.
We love figure skating. We watch it on tv, we love to go ourselves, and we definitely loved going to see real skaters in person. We went to the novice skaters and they were very good.
Here are some pics.

I have also been working on some projects around here. I did these Friday night when I was bored. I decoupaged a table for my hubby, made a faux wrought iron wall art, and a Red Sox picture for my boys. Here are the pictures of those crafts:

Ok, so the 2 Red Sox projects are just decoupage with Modge Podge. I broke down and actually bought some. I've been trying to hold out, but I just couldn't anymore. I love it and I want to Modge Podge everything. I also started following the Modge Podge Blog too, check it out, lots of cool stuff to busy yourself if you ever find yourself with idle hands.
The last thing I made is a faux wrought iron wall hanging thing. It was my first attempt. I'm pleased with it, but if you check out the inspiration for this...DON'T COMPARE!! Mine came out much less than perfect in comparison, but I still like it. Are you ready to know what I made it from???? Toilet Paper Tubes!!!!! Yep. Here is the site where you can learn to do it yourself, just comparing. I mean it!!
So there is our week in a nutshell. The boys went to Monster Jam recently too, but I will try to get to that another time!

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Mod Podge Amy said...

This is awesome! I love the table - thanks so much for sharing!