Monday, February 28, 2011

I've been a little MIA

Ok, so yes. I've been MIA for a while. I'm truly sorry. You see I had one of those weeks that was filled with appointments and business and fear. Yes, I said fear. Here is the recap of my Thursday morning phone call of fear.
Phone ringing.
Me trying to find phone.
HA, there it is!
Me: Hello
Tim: (Speaking to co-worker) Dude, we're ok, that's all that matters right? It's alright we're ok. Can you believe we're ok???
Me: What?? What's going on?? Tim, hello!!
Tim: Oh, hey, we're ok, I just wanted to let you know that we got in an accident. It's really bad, but we're ok.
Tim: No, there is no where to park, the interstate is closed down. A guy hit us and flipped our truck.
Me: WHAT?? WHAT Happened??
Tim: I gotta go, I'll call you back.

Yes, that was a nice call wasn't it. It actually took two hours for me to get the whole story folks. I spent the next hour and a half pacing. After the adrenaline wore off he was in some pain so they took him in the ambulance to the hospital to check him out. Both the guys were ok and they were released. So, here's what happened. Tim and his business partner Jim were travelling south down the interstate and minding their own business. A drunk guy in the Northbound lanes sideswiped a car and over corrected. all the way into the south bound lanes. He hit the back of Tim's 24 foot delivery truck and spun them around and flipped it onto the passenger side door. My husband, being the Chuck Norris kinda guy that he is, decided that he should jump out of the (busted out) windshield while the truck is sliding down the interstate. At this point the truck is on the ground, but he thought it would be better than crush his co worker since he was the driver and the truck was on it's side. Praise God they were only bruised and scraped!! I had to wait for them to get to the hospital and thankfully my friend was able to come and be with the kids while I went to get them.
Before I left the house I was able to catch the news to see the guy on the news who did it. When I got to the hospital I saw them arrest him. He was drunk. At 10 in the morning. Really? Drunk Driving is the single most stupid thing any person could do. Really? What makes you think it would be smart to drink or do drugs and then drive?? Don't you do that stuff to get messed up? If you're trying to get messed up doesn't that mean you shouldn't do certain things when you're messed up?? LIKE DRIVE A CAR??? or using firearms?? or anything that requires you to get up off of a sofa?? It's 10 am!!! Why are you messed up at 10am??? Some people may need a hobby. His hobby kills people. This guys hobby just cost him out the wazoo. And thank God that was all. He hit a Land Rover first. Ok. Yikes. Then he hit a delivery truck. Then he wrecked into a tree. $$$$$$$$$$ Not to mention 3 ambulance rides. 2 for Tim and Jim and then the girl he was with hit her head and had to be taken in too. Hospital bills, missed days of work... I'm telling you this guy needs to start collecting stamps or something. Open a Facebook. That used up alot of my free time when I had one. My kids could have lost their daddy because someone has no sense. This guys rap sheet reads like he has no sense, robbery, kidnapping, drugs, paraphenilia, resisting arrest, kidnapping, assault on a female.
More Seriously though : Pray for this guy, he needs Jesus. Really, pray for him. I have been. This guy seems like he has alot of pain in his life to live a life like this. I'm praying that his is his wake up call. We all had one. Maybe not like this, but I know I had one. Tim had one. At one point we all look at our lives and see who is missing and why. Jesus is missing in this guy's life. He keeps calling, just like he did to us. I'm sure in hindsight this guy could count several times where he made a decision to turn in the opposite direction of Jesus. I did. Sometimes it takes a situation where the only place to look is up. That was our story. I'm praying that this was what this guy needed to come to Christ. I hope that I get to talk to him about it someday. For now, I'll just pray and let God work out the rest!

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Mamajulep said...

Are you kidding me? Really? Glad all is well. And I laughed out loud at your relative nonsense and am SO GLAD it ain't just me!