Monday, February 21, 2011

Kid's say the darndest things....or throw a 20 minute fit in the grocery store.

So my kids are great. I am totally partial of course, but they are great kids. Last night we are putting them to bed and during prayer Nate prays " I love Jesus and God and ...." We tell Nate that Jesus is God and what does he reply??? "Do they have the same hair?" WHAT?? Tonight he asked me if Jesus and God are brothers. This is my child who tells everyone that Batman and Batwoman are his parents and that we are his "fake" parents. Nice. He really lives in the Batcave but only goes there at night when we're asleep. All sorts of things happen there too. He tells us all of the strange things that go on at the batcave. I'm not sure at what point I should be concerned.

So yesterday this same creative little guy decides he wants a slim jim at the checkout counter at Aldi. We had already gotten a few snacks and some St. Patrick's day cookies. Apparently that wasn't enough for this little guy. The world ended when Mommy said "NO".
I do say no. Often. And usually he starts to cry a little and I tell him that we don't throw fits when we can't have our way, and that if he can't stop then he will have to have a discipline. That normally works. Not yesterday. He pitched a fit like I told him our dog was dead and someone stole his bike.
Of course it was grammy day in there too, because every elderly woman in a 5 mile radius was in there staring at me like I had retard tatooed on my face. Thanks ladies. Just doing the right thing here. Of course Aldi is the grocery store where you bag your own stuff. So even after we check out screaming child in tow, we have to stand around in there to bag my stuff. While he tries to get out of the cart. It's hard to bag groceries with one hand and hold a child down with the other.
Let's just say a 3 hour nap is just what the doctor ordered. He also had to go to bed early, and no cookie for screams a lot either. I have to go to the store today for more crack, I mean Mt. Dew, so I'm hoping I don't have an instant replay of this incident. Being a mom definitely is a pride killer. Once in Walmart, Noah threw a fit over some toy (this was my 3rd child and 1st temper tantrum) and I said no. While I'm making my way to the register being followed by said screaming child; everyone is shaking their heads at me and a few people said "Aw, just give the poor thing what he wants" At least we know why society is the way it is.

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