Sunday, February 13, 2011

Update on the coming week

Just wanted to add a quick post before my week begins. It's kind of a little of everything. I'll probably post again this week, but probably not next. This week won't be too bad, but next week I am thinking of skipping town till Friday! We have more appointments than any mom should have, especially when, to all but one appointment, we will be rolling 5 deep. 4 kids in the orthopedic's office. 4 kids at the dentist's office (2 this week, 2 next week). Thankfully I have a sitter for Noah's speech screening.
I actually get to go on a date Friday night. With my husband. We have not been out since October. We made arrangements to switch off with my friend who also has 4 children. Works out great, every few weeks we will just trade off!
In case some of you don't know this Friday is the first day of the Annual Great Backyard Bird Count. So fill up your bird feeders and check out the website for details.
We started identifying some new birds in our birdfeeders this week. The tufted titmouse and the lesser goldfinch female. We also always have cardinals; male and female, morning doves, purple finches; male and female, jays, and black-capped chickadees. We love birds. We are also enjoying watching the Eagle Camera from Norfolk Botannical Gardens. They have one set up at in a bald eagles nest. Well above it. They had two eggs, and Friday there was talk that there may be a third. There is also a great feature on the site to ask questions in a live chat while you're watching. We asked a few about the nest and about how to tell the male and female apart. An eagle will normally return to it's nest year after year. They can weigh up to a ton. This was a new nest to some young love eagles, so not quite as big. The female head is also rounder and her beak ends right below the edge of her eye. The males ends in the middle of his eye and his head looks flatter. Anyway, check out the website for that too if your interested. Great way to see a bald eagle up close.
Our Valentines plans: Tim has to work until dinner time so I am making some steaks I got on sale yesterday. NY Strip steak, topped with red potatoes, sauteed garlic and panko, and for dessert some chocolate cupcakes with truffles inside. So much for all that working out baby! Sorry :) Since we get to go out on Friday it's like having two Valentine's days!

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