Sunday, April 10, 2011

Even mom's get sick

Ok. It happened. Mommy got sick. Why is it that when we get sick we get SICK? Can't I just get the sniffles?? Why do I have to get wiped-out, stay in bed, head's exploding sick?? I don't have time to get sick. There is toooo much to do. I wanted to paint my bedroom. I wanted to plant flowers. I wanted to play with the kids. But I had to get sick. I spent half the day laying around. Then while Tim was finishing the fence I kept my eyes on the kids. But I was too cruddy to do anything else. I did have a productive weekend though.

Friday night and Saturday morning I totally redid the girls room. I primed and painted the irritating stripes that were in there. I took all the junk everywhere, organized, and made it pretty pretty. I also called the folks at Hoarders and asked them to come help my beautiful daughters. They are hoarders. I threw away almost 3 trash bags full of junk. 30 gallon trash bags. Not those cute little kitchen bags. These girls are the real deal.
Amber had more paper under her bed than Staples. As crazy as that is, I found 9 pairs of her new socks were hiding under there. That wasn't all though. Every place that could house drawings or pencils or bent up paper clips or fabric scraps, was completely filled to the brim with such things!! When my girls came home from their sleep over and found a beautiful new room waiting for them, they also received a rude awakening. Mama don't play no mo. (Ya, that's right. I said mo. )
I better not find ANYTHING ANYWHERE EVER!!
So I cleaned out their room, and my room. And my closet. And now I'm sick. But that's ok. I'm sitting in bed blogging, watching the Red Sox beat the yankees. That's a good night here. Beckett has struck out five of those sox haters already. Tim's brother is actually at Fenway right now the lucky jerk. Hope you all have a great night and I'm hoping to blog and add pictures soon. I'm also hoping that the Sox win this game so they aren't 0-7 anymore.
Blessings and Go Sox!

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